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of Internet-based document editing and presentation to author, display, codify, and manage in-house all aspects of your City/County Codes, and specifically, the zoning and land development regulations, form based code, or design guidelines.

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enCodePlus™ is an Internet-based document presentation and content management system (CMS) used for municipal / county code codification and online publishing. Developed by the community planners of Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC), enCodePlus is designed to ease the navigation, understanding, and use of zoning and land development regulations, form-based codes, design guidelines, policies, or plans or entire codes of ordinances.

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  • ADA Compliant (WCAG 2.0) public Interface
  • In-house (or consulted*) codification
  • Real-time, same day web publishing
  • Historic archiving and keyword retrieval
  • GIS map / zoning text integration
  • Citizen-friendly navigation
  • Uniquely branded and customizable

*Code drafting is available through Kendig Keast Collaborative and recodification / codification is available through our exclusive partnership with Municode.

Client Users

  • Cities, Counties and Parishes (planners, attorneys, clerks, and administrators)
  • Economic Development Corporations / Partnerships
  • Townships and Boroughs
  • Planning Consultants (qualified partners only)

GIS Interactive Map / MLS

Integrating GIS technology to create useful tools for geo-referencing land uses and districts, applicable zoning standards, and, where applicable, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) lease-sale properties.

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A ViewPro product.

Application Tracking

Facilitating building and planning application uploads, email confirmations, collaborative review and comment, and procedural tracking.

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Parking Requirements

Landscape Standards

Bufferyard Requirements

Sign Standards

Feature Sets

Standard 90° includes all the features listed below:

  • Editable code content in online (HTML) format
  • In-line text, tables and graphics
  • Printing and MS Word or PDF exporting
  • Keyword, section-by-section search
  • Mobile device viewing and navigation


Advanced 180° includes all the features listed in Standard 90° plus:

  • Custom branded site
  • Multi-function e-reader
  • Planning standards calculators
  • GIS mapping / zoning text integration
  • Advanced technical support


Premium 360° includes all the features listed in Standard 90° and Advanced 180° plus:

  • Auto-archiving
  • Application upload and tracking
  • Document library
  • Interactive GIS zoning tools
  • User subscription / notification


Client Sites

Durango, CO Advanced 180°
Falmouth, ME Advanced 180°
Fayetteville, NC Premium 360°
Napa, CA Premium 360°
Las Vegas, NV Premium 360°
Overland Park, KS Premium 360°
Redmond, WA Standard 90°
Wyandotte County, KS Premium 360°