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It has been our experience that every government agency has unique requirements as to the format, numbering, and presentation of their codes and ordinances. As such, enCodePlus™ can be customized and configured to handle the special needs of your documents, while complementing those of the jurisdiction.

Let enCodePlus show how it is revolutionizing the way codes are accessed, navigated, and used by your staff and constituents. Contact us at 281-302-5847 or fill out the form to request an online demonstration.

Software Support (Hours) Hourly 4 8
License Seats 1 3 4
Adobe PDF Generator (with headers/footers/page numbers)
At-a-Glance, Pop-Up Definitions
Best Bets Search Engine
Commenting on Pending Amendments
Dynamic Tables
External Resource Links
GIS Standard Map
Google Analytics Use Reporting
Graphic Library
In-Line Illustrations, Graphics, and Tables
Internal and External Hyperlinking
Microsoft Word Exporter (with headers/footers/page numbers)
Mobile Device Access (smartphone, tablet, or iPad)
My Favorites Links to Popular Sections and Tables
Search Term Statistics
Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Redaction Tool
User Guide and Tutorials
Video Animation
Custom Site Branding (color scheme, logo/tag line)
e-Reader Styled Viewer and Printer (formatted file provided)
Embedded Calculators (Individually or 15% off if Bundled)

  • Bufferyard Simulator
  • Landscaping and Screening
  • Parking, Loading, and ADA
  • Shared Parking
  • Signage
  • Site Capacity / Site Yield

GIS Interactive Map (Advanced)
Agendas/Minutes/Applications Download
Application Download
Archiving (retroactive archiving by quote)
Definitions Library (1000+ pages)
GIS Tools

  • Land Bank Mapping
  • Land Use Look Up
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Lease / Sale Data
  • Parcel Buffer Tool

Ordinance Library
Permit System Integration
Project Calendar / eNotice and RSVP
Source Code Escrow
User Subscription/Notification
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
● Included

*Standard 90° is available only to enCodePlus clients. It is not available through partnership arrangements.