Benefits To Citizens


The public interface is intuitively designed and easy to use. Home screen buttons help navigate to or search any part of the document (see Search image to right), plus quick links are established for commonly referenced tables and often viewed sections. Tables or graphics-intensive documents, such as a form based code(see Form Based Code image to right), are displayed in-line and by hovering over a word or phrase, the definition appears in a pop-up window (see Pop Up Window image to right).


Everything a user needs to discern what’s required or to make application is readily available, whether its minutes and agendas, related plans, applications and schedules, or a fully-interactive GIS map with links from districts or parcels to the corresponding regulations (see GIS Links image to right). There are even calculators to quantify numbers of units; parking spaces; trees and shrubs; or sign areas, heights, and setbacks, inclusive of all notes and links to applicable standards.

Exporting and Printing

An individual section or chapter or an entire ordinance may be exported to Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF (see Export image to right), and may also be printed complete with headers/footers and page numbers.

Stay in the Know

Through a secure, free-of-charge subscription, residents or businesses may automatically receive email notice with links to new ordinances or amendments (see Change Notification image to right).

Benefits to Government

Benefits to Partners

Graphics Intensive Form-Based Code
Form-Based Code
Pop-Up Window
Pop-Up Window
Change Notifications
Change Notification