Intuitive Coding Tools

enCodePlus™ integrates tools that are useful for collaborative code drafting, editing, and public participation because this coding system was developed by professionals who write, implement, and administer plans and zoning and land development codes.

Team Collaboration

enCodePlus allows more time for code development by eliminating unnecessary project management tasks. The Maintenance Module allows multiple team members to work on the code simultaneously and in real-time, and even includes a strikeout and underline feature that allows different editors to be assigned unique editing colors. In short, there’s no more worries about finding the most recent version, it’s always available and shared – in the cloud.

Transparency and Accountability

enCodePlus helps code drafters engage the public, and ensures accountability and transparency. Publishing a draft code for public review is simple and fast. Public comments may be collected section-by-section, which are organized and stored in a printable database available to the entire project team. Team members can then keep track of what changes were made in response to each comment, by whom, and when.

Collaborative Content Management System

enCodePlus is a collaborative content management system (CMS). No longer must there be reliance on a codifier or other specialist to maintain the codes. Instead, with enCodePlus, code may be amended, or even rewritten through password-protected access to the Maintenance Module, which may be accessed from any browser.

Secure Storage

enCodePlus securely stores your codes or other documents in a database format on geographically redundant, high-bandwidth servers. No less than eight copies are maintained each hour, day, week, and month, providing security that’s both essential and warranted. Individual sections are indexed by the servers for easy searching and fast retrieval.

Benefits to Government

Benefits to Citizens

Benefits to Partners