enCodePlus™ is the most advanced web-enabled technology used for drafting, editing, updating, amending, archiving, and publishing zoning and land development regulations, municipal codes, or any other document that is rich in tables and graphics. Since its 1995 inception as a stand-alone Windows PC program, enCodePlus has matured to address the needs of an innovative and exacting group of planners, code writers and their client communities.

What sets enCodePlus apart?

  • It is a cloud-based service. With a browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or MS Edge) and an Internet connection, you can maintain, update, and publish a document. Additionally, the public can browse, search, comment, and download or print from any PC, tablet, or smartphone (iPhone or Android).
  • enCodePlus is designed for complex, graphics-intensive documents where tables and graphics or illustrations are formatted and justified in-line. This standard feature makes a code appealing and simpler to communicate and understand.
  • Using the enCodePlus maintenance module, a web designer is not needed to embed text, tables and figures directly in the text. With basic word-processing skills, creating standard graphics that are consistently formatted and easy to read is simple.
  • Definitions are essential for codes, yet they’re often overlooked as they can be difficult to find. Problem solved! With enCodePlus, defined words and phrases are provided as hot-spots with a mouse-over popup window that displays the definition snippets with clickable links to navigate to the full definition.
  • enCodePlus greatly improves navigation through liberal hyperlinking both within the document, and to outside resources, too. Never before have technical resources or State statutes been so easy to find – enCodePlus directly links to them.
  • Using enCodePlus, codification may be done in-house, so there no longer needs to be a reliance on a codification company to publish changes or to insert supplements in a binder. In fact, amendments can be pre-drafted using the enCodePlus Editor and then approved and published with two mouse clicks on the same day or a later date after adoption.
  • enCodePlus, LLC has an exclusive partnership with the Municipal Code Corporation (Municode), meaning codification, recodification, and legal review services are readily available, and our systems are seamlessly integrated. In-house or consulted codification – it’s your choice!
  • enCodePlus provides automatic archiving to preserve the record and to enable retrieval for historical documentation or research. This provides easy reference for vested or “grandfathered” provisions that are referenced in development agreements, PUD ordinances, or other conditional approvals.